And who is better in speech than he who says : 'My Lord is Allah and then stands firm and invites (men) to Allah and does righteous deeds and says : "I am one of the Muslims". (Qur'an 41: 33)

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Women need to be at the top of their business at all times. You cannot suc­ceed if you do not give ad­equate time and attention to a young business.

It's im­portant to minimise costs and reinvest profits for the business to grow. You also have to constantly learn and adapt to new situations quickly. You must enjoy and love what you do and you will find that it ceases to be a burden.

Amina Hersi Moghe, the winner of the 2008 Woman Investor of the year Award is a remarkable woman. To begin with,



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Hajati Mariam Santa Kyeyune was born on Saturday the 23rd of March 1957 and that is how she got her name Santa.

She unfortunately did not have an opportunity to see her late father. Emotionally, she speaks about herself being raised as an orphan from day one and went through a lot of hardships to be where she is now. Our reporter and Zahra gave her a visit and this is what she had to say.


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